Bitmark Timestamping Service

Technical Description is a blockchain timestamping service that uses the opentimestamps-client in the back-end, and makes it easy for anyone to timestamp files (store the proof of their existence at some time) on the Bitmark blockchain.

To start, go to the Stamp page and select a file you wish to be timestamped. For privacy and data transfer efficiency, this file is hashed (client-side) with the SHA256 hashing algorithm. This hash is sent to our server where it is stamped with the "ots stamp" command. The input of this command is a file, where in this case the file is just a text file with the 32 byte hex hash of the actual file you want timestamped, so there is an extra hashing step involved, instead of directly hashing the file.

Once you submit the file, and it is processed, an OTS file (.ots extension) will be available for download. Please download this file so that you can check the status of the timestamp and verify it was completed. It typically takes about 30 minutes to fully confirm the timestamp on the Bitmark blockchain. The service is free since it is sent to "calendar" servers that aggregate the hashes they receive into one hash, and store the proof for each individual hash using merkle trees.

To check the status of your timestamp, go to the verify page and upload your OTS file. It will have the sha256 hash of your file in the file name. When you click verify, the OTS client will output the status information.